Relieve Headache And Back Pain In Acworth

Relieve Headache And Back Pain In Acworth

Acworth Chiropractors May Relieve Migraines

The alignment of headaches and back pain in Acworth is not a new phenomenon. Manual therapists have long treated various physical injuries by properly aligning joints and muscles. So, it is only to be expected that these professionals would look for therapeutic methods that efficiently alleviate both disorders.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over four percent of adults worldwide suffer from headaches more than 200 days a year. On the other hand, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke reports show that 80 percent of the adult population suffers from these problems, with 20 percent of them dealing with chronic aching sensations over time. Combining these two statistics gives us a clearer sense of the importance of the intersection of these two conditions.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic specific adjustments can help with headaches and other problems that stem from different health issues. Below, we will take a look at a variety of conditions that can cause the two parts of the body to hurt at the same time.

What Could Be the Cause?

Experiencing backache and headaches at the same time is very common. There is even a study from the University of Warwick that links persistent headaches to chronic backaches. The study suggests that people with persistent headaches are twice as likely to develop backache problems in their lifetime.

Researchers have reported that the real reason for this overlap may have something to do with how individuals perceive the aching sensation. People who are more sensitive generally tend to experience discomfort in different parts of the body at the same time.

Identifying the underlying reason for the simultaneous occurrence of these discomforts can help medical professionals develop better remedial methods. Some of the causes include:

Chronic Headaches

Severe chronic headaches have many triggers, from strong smells and loud noises to fatigue and stress. Patients may suffer from side effects such as nausea and backache.

When headaches persist, the aching sensation can spread from the head to the shoulders, the neck and travel down to the lower part of the spine. Because of this connection between chronic headaches and backache problems, there are new options for a natural migraine relief in Acworth and around the world, revolving around specific upper cervical chiropractic adjustments or corrections.

Sport Injuries

Certain injuries caused during a workout session by incorrect pressure on a body part, excessive stretching, improper positioning of the head, etc., can cause headaches and backaches simultaneously.

Sports injuries can become serious over time without proper care. Healthcare providers suggest professional massage, joint and muscle alignment, and regular light exercise for faster recovery. Relieving physical discomfort will eventually reduce headaches in such situations.

Post & Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

PMS is associated with multiple symptoms, including body aches and headaches. Premenstrual syndrome symptoms appear after the initiation of ovulation and last until the time of menstruation. In contrast, post-menstrual syndrome symptoms start during bleeding and last for about a week. The monthly hormonal fluctuations are thought to be the cause.

Depending on the severity of the PMS case, adjusting or manipulating certain body parts under the supervision of a professional may be the best remedy. A head massage can also do wonders for PMS headaches.

Infectious Diseases

Infections seem to be associated with headaches and backaches and abdominal problems. One of the common symptoms of infections occurring at different parts of the body is fatigue and muscle soreness. It means experiencing an unpleasant sensation in various parts of the body.

A severe cold, flu, meningitis, etc., all can result in headaches, backaches, and stiff neck, that can persist even after the patient recovers. Manual therapists can help relieve muscle discomfort with regular exercises and visits.


Depending on the patient’s age and lifestyle, persistent joint swelling is likely to be associated with arthritis. These inflammations can occur in various parts of the body, including the entire spine. The discomfort of arthritis in the neck can spread to the head and cause constant headaches.

People with arthritis often seek relief in professional joint alignment and other specific upper cervical chiropractic adjustments. Therefore, this method can be beneficial for arthritis-induced headaches as well.


Body ache might be an indicator of FMS if it is accompanied by irregular sleep patterns, cognitive problems, constipation, fatigue, and headaches. People with FMS symptoms tend to be overly sensitive to aching sensations.

Because of this excessive sensitivity in various parts of the body, much of the fibromyalgia natural health care in Acworth focuses on specific upper cervical (neck) chiropractic adjustments.

So What Does it Mean in Therapy Terms?

Considering the overlap between headaches and body aches, it is inevitable to think of a cure that works for both ailments, especially since treating one may also relieve the other.

For this reason, a specific upper cervical chiropractor in Acworth may be more likely to use an integrated natural method when dealing with patients who suffer from both conditions. Such a view can save patients both time and money. The American Chiropractic Association recognizes both headache and backache relief as part of the professional practice of these healthcare providers.

Specific upper cervical chiropractic adjustments involve realigning the spine with calculated pressure on the top two bones in your neck called the atlas and atlas to align the bones. This adjustment reduces excessive stress on the nervous system and can relieve painful sensations in the hip, neck, and shoulder, which in turn leads to relief from headaches. Our upper cervical chiropractor in Acworth will take specific x-rays to determine the exact degree of the bone misalignment.


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