Success Stories

"I came in with pain in my left hip which ran down my left leg and into my foot. I couldn’t stand to sit long at a time and exercise was painful. After 7 weeks I have no pain in my hips or legs. I feel great!"

- Amanda M.

"I have been going to chiropractic since the early 80’s. After adjustments over a period of time the symptoms of lower back pain and stiffness would occur. After Upper Cervical Care I could feel the congressional healing taking place in the body. Numbness...was eliminated... Thank you for your very personal care and attention to my needs."

- Russell W.

"Wow! I feel great! A few weeks ago I would never have said anything like that. In fact, three Doctors said I wouldn’t survive 2 weeks. The only change in my life style and medicine routine is this Upper Cervical Care. It has honestly been a miracle in my life! I can breathe!"

- Marynell N.

"I started having consistent facial pain. Since starting my treatment with Dr. Lukas, I have noticed significant improvement. This was not an immediate cure, but over time, my symptoms have become less severe and on many occasions non-existent. I have stayed committed to my treatment, and can see the results."

- Wally R.

"I had severe neck and upper back pain. After being adjusted only 2 times and coming here for 3 months, my neck and back pain has completely gone away. There is also an incredible staff who is very pleasant and always enjoyable to visit with. This is an excellent practice."

- Melissa H.


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