These are the Signs That Your Back Pain in Acworth is an Emergency

These are the Signs That Your Back Pain in Acworth is an Emergency

Chiropractic Acworth GA Signs Back Pain is Emergency

Back pain in Acworth will creep on you when you least expect it, particularly as you age. Once you reach age 40, you’re more prone to painful conditions such as arthritis and similar degenerative conditions. Additionally, the wear and tear on your body, especially if you performed a physically demanding job for several years, will start to take a toll on your body. From the neck down is where you’ll really start to feel a shock in your system as your body reacts to this wear and tear. The pain can be unbearable at times. However, if the discomfort doesn’t persist, it’s nothing to really worry about, right? Not necessarily.

There are times when you will not only feel discomfort in the affected area, but it will spread to other parts of your body. When this happens, it may be time to visit a medical practitioner who takes a look at your issue and determines its severity. This expert may want to work with you for some time to best establish a formidable recovery plan to get you back on your feet. An upper cervical chiropractor in Acworth can realign the top two bones in your neck (c1/c2) to take care of you as you try to get back to 100% after suffering an ailment from the neck down due to an accident or an alternate traumatic event.

If You’re Feeling a Sharp Sensation Rather Than a Dull One in Acworth

It is a little easier to brush off back pain in Acworth when it’s a dull sensation that doesn’t come close to crippling you. At least that is manageable, as annoying as the sensation can be from time to time. However, if the sensation you feel is a sharp one that stays persistent, then it may be time to head to an upper cervical chiropractor to examine you to determine what the root cause of this discomfort could be.

Much like when you need migraine treatment in Acworth, you will feel a sharp sensation that feels like something is trying to pierce through your skin. It can be a very disconcerting sensation that prevents you from focusing or moving the way you want to. If you’re feeling this sharp sensation regularly, it could be a sign that something is torn. You may have suffered some sort of ligament damage. Or, one of your muscles has tightened significantly. Something may even be wrong with one of your internal organs like one of your kidneys.

If you’ve been feeling a sharp sensation below the neck for some time, then it may be time to visit the nearest upper cervical chiropractor to help you determine the extent of your problem and help you recover as soon as possible. A chiropractor in Acworth can work to help you tackle the specific issue and identify the cause of the problem so you won’t feel such crippling discomfort anymore.

The Discomfort Moves From One Place to the Next

The next potential problem you may have is one of radiating discomfort. Instead of the sensation staying in one place, it keeps moving to other areas of your body, causing all sorts of uncomfortable moments along the way.

The discomfort that you’re suffering from may end up moving to your glutes or your legs, meaning you can’t sit down, stand up, or stretch without feeling some level of discomfort. This can ruin your mood and prevent you from being mobile in the way you want to be. To tackle this issue, certain techniques are used to stretch out the muscles, so they don’t become more tense. A practitioner will apply these techniques across the body to relieve tension and stop the discomfort from spreading to other areas of the body.

If You’re Suddenly Suffering Weakness In Your Knees

You may feel some limb weakness in your knees, which will compromise your ability to stay upright and move the way that you need to. This weakness in your knees may be caused by some form of spinal compression. Nerves may be compressed due to having a debilitating spinal condition such as spinal stenosis or sciatica. This sudden weakness may not only be an indicator of serious discomfort, but it could also potentially be a sign that you could suffer a stroke.

An upper cervical chiropractor can help you find the source of this weakness and apply strength to the affected area so you can move about without any hindrance.


Another potentially serious indicator of discomfort is that you have incontinence, meaning that you have trouble controlling your bowel movements. This indicates there are issues with the muscles and nerves that aid your bladder in releasing any urine. This can cause you to leak urine whenever you cough or sneeze.

A lack of bladder control in conjunction with discomfort below the neck may be an indication of a spine infection like meningitis. Or, it may be showing that you are suffering from nerve decompression. An upper cervical chiropractor will take specific x-rays to see if you have a misalignment of one of the top two bones in your neck that may be disrupting nerve communication from your brain to all parts of your body. By working together with your health care professionals, you can receive correct advice on how to restore your bladder control as well as how you should diet and exercise in the meantime.

An upper cervical chiropractor may also help you with fibromyalgia treatment in Acworth to help you ease your discomfort and make you feel like your best self again.


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